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  • DT II Fixed Belt Conveyor

    DTII Fixed Belt Conveyor is an universal equipment that widely applied in mining, coal, port, electrical plantation, construction site, chemical industry, petroleum and etc. The preferable bulk density of handling materials is 0.5 to
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  • DJB/DJS Corrugated Wall-side Conveyor

    DJB/DJS Corrugated Wall-side Conveyor is designed with compactly structure, small volume and large inclination transportation as a more ideality facility. Command belt is substituted by corrugated wall-side, but the principles and st
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  • DY Portable Belt Conveyor

    DY Portable belt conveyor is a project to use more equipment,this machine is easy to use, good maneuverability.Mainly used for loading and unloading locations change frequently, such as ports, terminals, stations, coal yard, warehous
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  • KN Shuttle Conveyor

    KN Shuttle Conveyor is usual installed on the top of the storehouse of raw material; it is mainly for stocking material or distributing material evenly. It is mainly used for dispersing material and storage for material, especially t
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  • XLP Tripper

    XLP Tripper relates to certain new and useful improvement in belt tripper. As well known, it is adapted to discharge material from belt conveyor and could be moved longitudinally of belt conveyor in either direction to distribute sai
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