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  • Roller is an important part of belt conveyor, the variety, quantity. It accounts for a total cost of 35% belt conveyor, suffered more than 70% of the resistance, so the quality of roller is particularly important.
    The role of roller conveyor and material support the weight. Roller must be flexible and reliable operation. Conveyor belt to reduce friction with the rollers, plays the key role to account for the total cost of more than 25% service life of conveyor belt. Although the conveyor roller is a small part, the structure is not complicated, but produce high-quality roller is not easy.
    Ping mine machinery production of TG standard roller components have the following characteristics:
    Shaft: 1, with a high precision roller shaft using special processing machinery.
    2, pipe : the roller special high precision tube, effectively reducing the radial runout, to ensure uniform rotation in the process of operation.
    3, the ball bearing: according to the company's many years of experience, tolerance and adaptation to optimal operation temperature conditions was selected between the ball bearing and the bearing seat and the shaft, we used with deep slot small clearance, ZZ double seal ball bearings.
    4, the bearing seat by a bearing: deep drawing materials and precision mold processing base adopts automatic double welding welding at both ends of the steel tube. The overall structure of the uniform, to ensure that no between steel tube and bearing seat in the operation process of loosening and breakage. By material strong impact even during high-speed rotation, also can maintain normal operation.
    5, double labyrinth labyrinth seal: Double labyrinth labyrinth seal has the advantages of non-contact type structure, its unique structure not only effectively reduce the rotational resistance, and can achieve good sealing effect, so that the roller has a longer service life. Bulk material is particularly suitable for long distance and large capacity of belt conveyor, has good dustproof, waterproof performance, through long time practical verification, performance have been customers.
    • Features
    • Technical data
    • Application
    1、radial runout small, carrying idler assurance below 0.35 mm.
    2、the rotation resistance small, the drag coefficient of 0.010 the following.
    3、dust-proof waterproof properties is good, 72 hours of waterproof test, the amount of water 0g.
    4 、the permanent lubrication.
    5、 long service life (more than 50000 hours ).