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  • XV Vibration Motor is an excitation source with combination of dynamical and oscillation forces. For seat-mounted vibration motor,each end of rotor axis is fixed with eccentric block then the centrifugal force is generated when the eccentric blocks are rotated with high-speed simultaneously in opposite direction.  
    The advantageous of this Vibrating Motor are efficient, energy saving, low noise, durable, stepless adjustment and easy to control. It usually applied with others vibrating machines, such as vibrating crusher, vibrating screen, vibrating feeder, vibrating conveyor, vibrating drying machine, vibrating ore drawing machine and etc. It mostly used in mine, metallurgy, coal, power, glass, construction material, chemical, food and other industries.
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    1.It is convenient to change the vibrating strength by adjusting the stepless angle of eccentric blocks.

    2.Use zinc plated steel plate as sealed protective cover.

    3. The bearing is sealed by imported V-shape ring and trough.

    4. Use O-shape ring to seal the joint to avoid dust enter.

    5. Use a special impregnating paint method to install loops.

    6. Strong and stable box to transfer the vibration source.

    7. The moulded rings used is convenient to install and safe.

    8. The chassis of this machine is moulded, fully sealed and resistance to vibration.

    9.Use metal to seal the joint, to avoid cable damage cause by vibration.

    10.The moulded connections are dust and water proof.