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  • MC Scraper conveyor is a closed shell, with moving scraper chain of continuous conveying powdery, granular material such as particles and small bulk conveyor equipment.Suitable for enclosed conveying, throughput is not too big, process layout is more complex, requires multiple feeding or discharging, and other occasions.Widely used in coal, grain, machinery, light industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, mine, electric power, building materials, transportation and environmental protection sectors.
    MC type en masse conveyors used for vertical or angled conveying of materials.There are five standard angle: 90 °, 75 °, 60 °, and 45 °, 30 °, single lift height ≤ 30m, up to 40m
    • Features
    • Technical data
    • Application

    1, simple structure, small size, light weight, small occupying area;
    2,transportation airtight, dust, virus protection, explosion-proof, improved working conditions, prevention of environmental pollution;
    3, easy installation and maintenance;
    4, multi-point, multi-point discharge conveyor feed;
    5, can be horizontal and inclined conveying, up to 30 ° angle;Material temperature 120 ℃.