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  • CG Ultra High Molecular Roller is an important component of belt conveyor. Roller is available in various types and needed in large quantities. Roller is used to support the materials during the conveying. Currently, most of the conveyor industrial are using stainless roller, however, stainless roller has some disadvantages such as heavy, easily to be eroded, easy to stick with transporting material, high static electricity and others. Therefore, our company has developed an advance ultra high molecular polyethylene roller with to substitute stainless roller and has wide range of applications.
    This Ultra High Molecular Roller is adopted high technology to produce ultra high molecular polyethylene shell pipe as roller body, housing and seal are one time produced with fully rubber material. Then, they are sealed via labyrinth and contact method with three layer of water-proof and dust-proof installation.
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    1) Ultrahigh abrasion resistance and anti-adherence effect, less coefficient of friction, belt service life can be extended 1 to 2 times

    2) Free-maintenance.

    3) Flame resistance, anti-static, aging resistance and corrosion resistance.

    4) High mechanical strength.

    5) Seal is free from leak, low noise, little revolution resistance, uniformed running and longer operating life.

    6) More working temperature (below 100 ?C).

    7) Light weight, easy to installation.

    8)  Safety and healthy, can be used for food and medicine material.