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  • XLP Tripper relates to certain new and useful improvement in belt tripper. As well known, it is adapted to discharge material from belt conveyor and could be moved longitudinally of belt conveyor in either direction to distribute said material by power derived from moving belt of the conveyor. People could reverse the direction of travel of the tripper carriage longitudinally of the belt conveyor or automatically.
    XLP Tripper is widely for stocking raw material when fitted with belt conveyor in metallurgy industry, coal industry, cement industry and food industry etc, it could keep the same constant of thickness of accumulated material because it could move continually at a same speed when discharging material, so it could take full advantage of the space.
    • Features
    • Technical data
    • Application

    1. The driving device structure is simple with high efficiency
    2. Not limited by convey distance
    3. The operation situation is smooth and stable
    4. Adopted high strength roller and able to support tape tension force
    5. Adding the stocking area of the raw material
    6. Minimize the dust pollution effectively and durable
    7. Maintenance is easy