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  • DY Portable belt conveyor is a project to use more equipment,this machine is easy to use, good maneuverability.Mainly used for loading and unloading locations change frequently, such as ports, terminals, stations, coal yard, warehouses, farms, construction sites, aggregate field, used for short-distance transportation and loading and unloading of bulk or single piece weight as articles under 100 kg. 
    The conveyor into lift type and may not lift type two kinds, runs on electric roller conveyor belt-driven, the whole lift to maneuver.
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    1. Lightweight and mobile conveyor system

    2. Able to adjust the degree of slope in order to achieve preferable height of unloading point via adjusting the lifting frame. 

    3. It is a best substitute for fixed belt conveyor 

    4. Able to connect with others portable belt conveyor to extend the length of transporting distance