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  • DJB/DJS Corrugated Wall-side Conveyor is designed with compactly structure, small volume and large inclination transportation as a more ideality facility. Command belt is substituted by corrugated wall-side, but the principles and structure are alike as others conveyor, therefore, the accessories are interchangeable.
    DJB/DJS Corrugated Wall-side Conveyor is a continuously conveying equipment for transporting loose bulk material such as coal, sand, stone, grain, etc and some powdered material, so it has a wide application, including mine, cement plant, chemical industry, metallurgy and agriculture, electric power, light industry, grain, port, shipping etc, when the material need to be conveyor at a big inclined angle.
    Specific gravity of bulk materials is 0.5-2.5 t/m3 can be conveyed in the working environment where the temperature is during -15 degree to 140 degree.
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    1. It is able to convey material at a steeply inclined angle and even vertically, save space and low installation cost

    2. Simple structure and most of the components are interchangeable with other belt conveyor 

    3. Reliable operation

    4. Stable operation and low noise

    5. High conveying capacity ( it may reach to1800 m2/h).

    6. Able to install the extension belt to connect with others equipment or facilities