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  • ZG Vibrating Feeder is advanced linear vibrating feeding equipment which is effectively to convey various type of materials such as block, granule, and powder to crusher uniformly and continuously. This vibrating feeder consists of vibrating frame, spring, vibrator, vibratory motor device and motor.

    ZG Vibrating Feeder is work based on compelling force theory where a force generated when two eccentric blocks move simultaneously in opposite directions. Through the vibration, the materials will slip and sling on the funnel, moving forward. Meanwhile, as the material passing through the screening, smaller particles will fall down to avoid further crushing.

    The desirable vibrating strength and amount of feeding can be adjusted through the stepless angle of eccentric block. It is mostly applied in mine, metallurgy, coal, power, glass, construction material, chemical, food and other industries.
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    1) It has a simple construction, lighter, convenient installation, low noise and maintenance cost.

    2) It is able to start swiftly, close smoothly and work steadily by applying the motor self-synchronization principle.

    3) The materials are move continuously toward the parabolic trajectory causing less abrasion of feeding trough.

    4) It has higher feeding precision of the material because it is able to change and start or close the material conveying rate instantaneous.