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  • GTS Drum Screen 's main structure is screening tube which consists of an inclined cylindrical shape mesh and the outer part is fully sealed to avoid environmental pollution.
    The screening tube is whirling in high speed by variable speed reducer system causing the materials to separate where the fine particle is passing through the opening part of the screening tube while the heavy and rough material is separated at the rear of the drum.
    Furthermore, GTS Drum screen consists of a comb shape screen structure which works simultaneity with screening tube to clean the screen continuously. By this action, the Drum screen is able to achieve clean, non-stick, no blocking performance along the operation.
    • Features
    • Technical data
    • Application

    1) It is suitable to separate various materials included poor quality of coal, coal slime, or soot.

    2) It do not require special facility and suitable for various material feeding methods.

    3) It has higher efficiency by the installation of comb shape screen structure.

    4) Cylindrical shape of screen provided larger surface area which has higher possibility of materials to contact with the screen mesh; therefore, it has higher capacity and more effective.

    5) It is a energy saving equipment.

    6) The equipment is fully sealed with a cover to minimize the suspension of fine material in the air during the operation, able to avoid working environment pollution.

    7) Since it is covered, less noise pollution during the operation.

    8) It is durable and low maintenance cost.

    9) The checking and the maintenance are easily to process through opening on the cover.