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  • XZD Banana Vibrating Screen is a kind of self-synchronization heavy separator that widely applied in mining to achieve the classification of big and middle grain size materials. A major innovation in screening technology, our company had developed XZD banana vibrating screen by learnt and assimilated the foreign advance knowledge and technology.
    To compare with the same standard traditional screen, XZD Banana Screen has higher loading capacity because it has about 1.5 to 2 times larger screen area than the traditional screen.
    XZD Banana Vibrating Screen is a multi segment screen which includes any number of inclinations from two to as many as six varying from 34° at the material entrance through to horizontal on 10 °as the last slope. The various slopes may incorporate deck media with different apertures to meet the particular requirements. Hence, it has about 1 to 2 times higher loading capacity than other vibrating screen and it is appropriate to sieve the material with high distribution of fine particle size.
    • Features
    • Technical data
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    1.All the key parts are designed by the most advanced ANSYS finite element

     analysis  software. 

    2.Bearing, oil seal such as standard parts are made by the international   

     first brand SKF company.

    3. Featured by high capacity and high efficiency. Under the same conditions, banana

       screen’ s  capacity is large than 40%-60% than other types of screen machine, and the

      efficiency is

      between 90% ~ 95%, reaching the advanced international level.
    Reasonable structure, and its side plate without welding, beam all adopt

     the international popular UC structure, stiffness. vibrator driven beam

     adopts double H beam structure, side plate adopts reticular structure, which

      strengthen the intensity and make the     structure optimization  and  vibration analysis.

    5. High process precision. Not only can absolutely guarantee each of the parts machining

      precision, but also destress all machined parts and ensure the clean

    New type vibrator. The vibrator is helical gear driven and high-power,

     which adopts the  outer adjustable eccentric block, synchronous gear with high frequency quenching  and grinding process to ensure that screen machine with accurate speed and amplitude smooth operation.
    High performance, smooth operation, small partial pendulum and low noise.