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  • PXZS Gyratory Vibrating Screen

    PXZS Gyratory Vibrating Screen is known as Plane rotary screen which generally used in chemical industries, agricultural industries, food processing and other light industries. The main function is to provide accurate separation of m
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  • XZD Banana Vibrating Screen

    XZD Banana Vibrating Screen is a kind of self-synchronization heavy separator that widely applied in mining to achieve the classification of big and middle grain size materials. A major innovation in screening technology, our company
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  • ZS Powder Linear Vibrating Screen

    ZS Linear Vibrating Screen is used to separate materials into various particle sizes for further processing. Basically, it consists of the screen box, supporting device, driving unit, vibration isolation and etc. The main application
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  • XZ Rotary Vibrating Screen

    XZ Rotary Vibrating Screen is one of the machinery equipment aims to improve the screening efficiency by applying the rotary and vibration operational mode to crush and screen the materials into different granularity products accordi
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  • GTS Drum Screen

    GTS Drum Screen 's main structure is screening tube which consists of an inclined cylindrical shape mesh and the outer part is fully sealed to avoid environmental pollution.
    The screening tube is whirling in high speed by variabl
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  • ZSM Dewatering Screen

    ZSM Dewatering Screen can be categorized into two series, which are ZSM series for pedestal installation screen with double shaft and DSM series for hang installation screen with single shaft. They are widely used in coal and ore pro
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  • YA/YK Circular Vibrating Screen

    YA/YK Circular Vibrating Screen is basically a screening machine that works in circular motion to classify any sizes of bulk materials such as coal, minerals, stone, and coke, etc. It consists of screen deck, screen box, vibrating mo
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  • ZG Vibrating Feeder

    ZG Vibrating Feeder is advanced linear vibrating feeding equipment which is effectively to convey various type of materials such as block, granule, and powder to crusher uniformly and continuously. This vibrating feeder consists of v
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  • DT II Fixed Belt Conveyor

    DTII Fixed Belt Conveyor is an universal equipment that widely applied in mining, coal, port, electrical plantation, construction site, chemical industry, petroleum and etc. The preferable bulk density of handling materials is 0.5 to
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  • DJB/DJS Corrugated Wall-side Conveyor

    DJB/DJS Corrugated Wall-side Conveyor is designed with compactly structure, small volume and large inclination transportation as a more ideality facility. Command belt is substituted by corrugated wall-side, but the principles and st
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  • DY Portable Belt Conveyor

    DY Portable belt conveyor is a project to use more equipment,this machine is easy to use, good maneuverability.Mainly used for loading and unloading locations change frequently, such as ports, terminals, stations, coal yard, warehous
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  • KN Shuttle Conveyor

    KN Shuttle Conveyor is usual installed on the top of the storehouse of raw material; it is mainly for stocking material or distributing material evenly. It is mainly used for dispersing material and storage for material, especially t
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