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  • Why testing material in bucket elevator is important?

    In manufacturer activities, it was necessary to test the material that will be handling by the machine. The important of testing material in bucket elevator is because of several reasons such as;

    1.    Mobility in handling material characteristics

    Evaluating of material characteristics is important to bucket elevator feature design and establishing the process or plant design requirements. Without measuring the bulk solids flow properties, they can only design of bucket elevator equipment based on assumptions. This often leads to undergoes major equipment modifications and long commissioning times. The result of not understanding the material flow characteristics, and not interfacing bulk solids test results with buckets, hopper, process and equipment design, which lead to major consequences in manufacture performance and reliability.

    2.    Shear value

    In most process equipment, handling equipment, feeders and dischargers shear the product. Once shear values are known, accurate design can be carried out. By knowing measured shear values, you can easily avoid having to upgrade equipment drives and components, electrical cabling and motor contactors.

    3.    Material cohesion measurement

    This is important for equipment design, and how the material will behave. So that the manufacture will ensure the bucket elevator machine is suitable enough for their activities and for material characteristics.

    4.    Identify principal stress of materials

    This outcome is important to use in elevator handling machine design, predicting loads at the machine outlet and estimating flow properties. So you can ensure that material will easily and reliably discharge properly from the storage of bucket conveyor or hopper.

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