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  • TD/TH Bucket Elevator

    TD/TH Bucket Elevator is used for transferring the materials in form of powder,
    granular, small block non-abrasive, half-abrasive with bulk density less than 1.5t/m3, such as coal, cement, gravel, sand, fertilizer and grain etc.
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  • THG/TDG efficient Bucket Elevator

    THG/TDG efficient Bucket Elevator With SH Type Hopper is used for lifting dry, bulk, fluidity powder, granular and block material, whereas Zh type hopper is often used for lifting slight moist, easy caking, bad fluidity powder materi
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  • NE Bucket Elevator

    NE Bucket Elevator is used for lifting materials vertically in form of powder,granular, block material and abrasive, such as coal ash, slag, limestone, cement raw material, cement clinker, cement, coal and dry clay etc.
    NE Type B
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  • TZD Bucket Elevator

    TZD Bucket Elevator is a special silo bucket elevator, which is specially used for low lifting material with bulk density less than 1 t/m3.
    In order to transport different kinds of material, there are two kinds bucket, firstly is
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